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41 A Tale of Two Cities, Spotlight Edition

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A Tale of Two Cities, Spotlight Edition

Charles Dickens

Each Spotlight -Edition? maintains the rich integrity of the original work while adapting the language to be more accessible to the average high school student.In addition to providing a more readable text, Prestwick House Spotlight ...
42 Waiting

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Ha Jin

Ha Jin's understanding of the human heart and the human condition transcends borders and time. Waiting is an outstanding literary achievement."--Lisa See, author of On Gold Mountain From the Trade Paperback edition.
43 Boy and Going Solo

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Boy and Going Solo

Roald Dahl

The author describes his summer vacations as a child in Norway, life in an English boarding school, adventures as a young man working in East Africa for the Shell Company, and being a fighter pilot in World War II.
44 Bolo!

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David Weber

A collection of four short novels about the intelligent robot tanks called "Bolos" comprises an omnibus volume dealing with such questions as the limits of artificial intelligence and is accompanied by the author's own technical history of ...
45 Restoree

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Anne McCaffrey

She escaped in panic, and become a fugitive in a world of multiple evils.... From the Paperback edition.
46 To Ride Pegasus

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To Ride Pegasus

Anne McCaffrey

A talented, elite cadre, they stepped out of the everyday human race...to enter their own! From the Paperback edition.
47 My Antonia (Forgotten Books)

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My Antonia (Forgotten Books)

Willa Sibert Cather

48 Nancy's Mysterious Letter (Nancy Drew, Mystery Stories, Book 8)

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Nancy's Mysterious Letter (Nancy Drew, Mystery Stories, Book 8)

Carolyn Keene

“Scare me about what?” Nancy queried, staring hard at Otto Busch. The man shrugged. “I dunno. The guy didn't say. ... Why don't you go to bed and let me pick you up early in the morning to go to the house where Miss Nancy Smith Drew has ...
49 Lao Tzu and Taoism

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Lao Tzu and Taoism

Max Kaltenmark

Summarizes the history, doctrine, and practices of an ancient Chinese religion based on the harmonious interaction of Yin and Yang
50 Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China

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Wild Swans: Three Daughters of China

Jung Chang

As the story of each generation unfolds, Chang captures in gripping, moving -- and ultimately uplifting -- detail the cycles of violent drama visited on her own family and millions of others caught in the whirlwind of history.
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