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Growing up together.

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Posted:     Post subject: Growing up together.

Billy stooped over and retred the loops on his size five and a half chuck taylors. A Dragon Fly superficially lit up on the edge of his backpack, then zipped off at the realization that it wasn't perfect perch in which had been found. With that Billy bobbed back to his feet and continued his walk to the corner to wait for the bus.
As he stepped up to the curb the big yellow cheese honked and released bellows of black diesel clouds into the air. The breaks squeeled lightly as the bus stopped and the red lights flashed. Billy hopped up on the bus and sat in his usual seat next to Jess.
Billy and Jessie had known eachother for over 7 years now and were going to the same middle school. Jessie had preffered to be called "Jess". Well Billy didnt quit understand why Jessie wanted to be called Jess. Billy respected his friend though. Jess was very timid and shy around groups of people. Jess was a good person and thats all Billy knew. He enjoyed climbing trees for apples, playing tag down in Old Man Tanners field, and swimming in Bray Creek.
A wadded up piece of paper smacked Jess in the head. All Billy saw was Jess's long brown hair fly forward and back. Jess looked up while holding the point of impact, eyes began to swell and tear up. Billy reached down and picked up the wad of paper it felt heavy than the usual wad of paper. He unwrapped a golf ball from the wad. As soon as he saw it Billy clenched it in his fist andstood up. The roaring laughter from the back of the bus stopped in anticipation of Billy.
From under Billy's Steelers cap a squint, and a slight quickening of breath issued. Very calmly and relaxed Billy said, "Who threw this?" Billy held up the wadded up "papper rock" and asked , "Who threw this"?
Sam, a kid who should have been in 6th over a decade ago stood up and reasoned back to Billy, "It wasn't me Billy". With that the huge beast of a kid sat back down and lowered his head.
Sarah from the back of the bus stood up and pointed at an sneakily pointed at an unfamiliar face.
With that the body that was attached to that face stood up. It as a very tall lanky Korean kid , standing every bit of five foot nine inches. That height amongst fourth graders was rare, and Billy sighed as if work just got tougher.
"I did it, why do you care, and why do you hangout with a boy who looks like a girl, is he your girlfriend?" , Ma Lung Sungyu.

"HEY KIDS WHATS GOING ON BACK THERE? SIT THE HELL DOWN", yelled Mrs. Coily the morning bus driver.
Billy simply leaned over in the seat and check on Jess. Jess was still sniffling and pleeded to Billy, "Im ok, please dont get in trouble over me."
What Jess just said stoked the flames in Billy's mind even more.
Billy stood back up and looking down the aisle at the tall Korean kid. "What business is it of yours new kid what I do and who I hangout with?"
The Korean kid sneered, " I hear your a fighter......"
Billy interupted him, "More like a a good defender, we can settle this out behind the ice cream parlor on Main after school. Now Sam stand up again!"

The car sized red headed kid stood up next to the Korean boy. It was deffinately a spectical to see such tallness and wideness standing so close beside eachother.
Billy tossed the rock and yelled "catch............... make sure the new kid finds the right ice cream store".
Sam respectfully caught the rock, and shook his head, "sure thing Billy".
Billy sat down.
Sung sat back down, next to Sam. "Why you give thst kid so much respect", he asked.
Sa m looked him straight in the eyes, "Dude Billy wrestles, plays football, boxes, and is a purple belt", he hasnt fought people in his grade, he usually fights middle schoolers. Last thing is he doesnt fight often, he says bexause it takes a lot to upset him. Man he kicked my *ss after bullying him for almost two years. I mean who waits two years than decides they have had enough, he kicked my *ss and im three times his size" Sam looked up again at Sung, good luck new kid.

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