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Mood swings? Thats is so so funny.

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Posted:     Post subject: Mood swings? Thats is so so funny.

Ok reality check time! Yesterday i read an admirers profile stateing "I love transexuals but cannot handle the mood swings" .Now i find that statement funny and its not the first time i have heard that from men.

Ok some men you think we have mood swings? .

Think about it! We start our lives in the wrong body and we reach an age where we know that something is not how it should be , then we hit puberty and then it gets realy complicated .Me personaly rebeled again'st anything male related , in other words at school i could not go into the boys showers or tiolets(jons) i actualy fought the teachers who tried to force me in them! i rebeled and was removed from school at the age of 12 so denied an education and had to teach myself.

As life goes on things get worse because we go through stages of depression ect and thoughts of suicide just to end the pain (yes it is painfull) then we make mistakes, some get married and have children only to find they cannot hide the fact they are realy female! I never made those mistakes as i never married or had children but most do just to try to fit in .

We then have to decide to put right what nature screwed up and you as an outsider have not got a clue how hard that can be. Some like i did lose thier families friends and even work and have to make a new start "alone".

The above is just a tiny part of what we genuine transexuals have to go through and for what? just to be ourselves!.

I do not have mood swings as my life is good and i ditched the anti-depressants years ago and anyone who knows me will tell you i am permanantly happy with my life "but" most men do make me angry with thier stupid comments and constant talk of sex! There is more to life than S-- and if you actualy take the time to get to know a transexual you will find that we are no different to any genetic female.

We do not have constant mood swings its the crap we have to put up with from ignorant men! I would seriously love to meet a man in my day to day life that would have the guts to walk up to me and say to my face what i have found in my inbox "he would be flat on his back in 10 seconds" Now that would be a mood swing.

So if you have a little think about the tiny insight above maybe "just maybe" you will one day understand.

Respect what we have to go through and do not ever think that we are just like a genetic female in everyway "We are stronger" we have to be just to survive.


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October 12, 2010
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`We all have mood swings, Cis or trans we got the same homones, and the same mood swings.
if your homone ballance is irregular it can make them worse, and you should talk too your doctor, but beside that its pretty normal to have.

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