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  • jasongraca6
  • Looking for my life parnter to share my life now Hi my name is Jason ( CD male, by real name is Grace )& I am a Queer who lives in Glendale, Ca. I am shy,hounest, great seans of humor. I like to go to movies, explore/ traveling, listening to Heavy metal & 80's music, eatting out, art to name a few. I am looking for someone between the ages of 30 - 50 years old to share my life. I am looking fo...
  • 54 years old | Glendale, CA, USA

  • lvlybrntte
  • I am A Pre-op Milf looking TS
  • I am A Pre-op ---- looking TS I'm looking for someone thats is genuine and not looking for a one night stand, if thats what your about FORGET ABOUT! Be honest and be sincere. I love men who have a great personality. And can enjoy the best of both worlds.
  • 56 years old | Las Vegas, NV, USA

  • lukasegunnar
  • 50 years old | Abborrtorp, Sweden

  • histotech2021
  • My name is Seth. I'm 35, single. I'm looking for a long-term relationship with either a cis man or trans woman. I don't have a"type." I'm just looking for someone to love. When it comes to MTF I don't have a preference concerning pre/post/non op. I am post op - chest only. I work full-time and go to school part-time. I'm in the medical field. If distance is an issue I am open to relocation after g...
  • 38 years old | Killeen, TX, USA

  • torijsmith88
  • Crossdresser trying to figure it all out
  • I am not sure what I am looking for, I am new to all of this, I am a crossdresser, very femme, and I feel like I have been missing something. I have recently started wondering if that something is a man to make me feel more like the woman inside of me.
  • 34 years old | Essex, MD, USA

  • andypandyrawr
  • Ftm here.
  • im a ftm I’m post op top and pre op bottom. Looking forward to finding someone who’s interested.
  • 33 years old | Richmond, CA, USA

  • shawn87ftm
  • Awesome and more awesome I'm just a trans guy looking for friends.
  • 35 years old | Rome, NY, USA

  • jackkarl
  • I'm a 37yr. old transman. I live my life as much as possible as the man I know I am. Right now my twin sister and baby brother are the only ones that knows that I was born in the wrong body within my family and they are cool with that. At this moment I am seeking out people to talk with about the things that I am going through in regards to being a transman. I am searching for the person that will...
  • 40 years old | San Antonio, TX, USA

  • rickenergy420
  • Hi, I'm RickEnergy and I'd love to get in contact with more trans people.
  • 21 years old | Gander, Canada

  • sandrinodrino
  • Hi! I'm Sandrino, 20 years old and I got no idea what this page really is about, but I'm curious to learn and see
  • 21 years old | Leipzig, Germany

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